The Story

In 1993 we were the first restaurant in London to cook our metre long pizzas in a wood burning oven.
At Pizza Metro Pizza, we honour the great traditions of London’s best Pizzeria.

The Pizza Metro Pizza Food

Our food philosophy is about securing the best ingredients that we can.
95% of the food in our kitchens i.e. bread, sausages, meatballs, desserts etc is freshly prepared every day.
To learn about Italian food is to understand Italian people, their love and respect for food and the role that it has played in their history.
All our chefs are Italian and come direct from Italy to ensure the food is 100% authentic. For the Italians food represents the focal point of their lives and their traditions, bringing the family together every day.
Our dough is made fresh each day from the finest wheat, hand-stretched and cooked on the stone of our wood burning oven.
Our sauces are made from only the finest vine-ripened Italian tomatoes and topped with select fresh Italian mozzarella cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, choice meats, freshest vegetables, herbs and spices.
100% Italian ingredients will make you taste the authentic real pizza Napoletana Not only do we have the best Neapolitan food, made from the freshest and finest traditional ingredients, our menu has a great choice of a tasty wide range of antipasti, and delicious fresh pasta chicken and dessert.